Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They Say


They say we don’t care, it’s jus that we don’t know how to convey

They say we don’t have opinion, it’s jus that we don’t like to bark with others

They say they don’t feel for u, why did it take them so long to realize it

They say we don’t care about the family, it’s jus that we have never expressed

They say can’t we be just friends, they forgot that is not how it was

They say why do we care, they don’t realize that we are jus being ourselves

They say things have changed, they forget that it’s not the time that has changed but the persons have changed

They say leave me alone, why don’t they understand that we don’t intend to bother but we care

They say let me be myself , fair enough but why were they not always themselves before

They say they are happy, but why isn’t that happiness showing on their face

They say they are doing good, but deep within they wish if someone asked them why are they upset

They say they have moved on, but why is that they still think about the past

They say they have lot’s of friend’s, but why is that they still feel lonely

They say it’s all over, but why did it start when it had to get over

They say they always smile, but why are they upset within

They say they are always optimistic, but why is that at times when they break they still pretend they are strong

They say it's over,but why do we feel it still isn't