Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Definition of Life

I have been waiting for quite sometime to write my first blog and now the day has finally arrived.This blog is just an insight of My Definition of " LIFE". What I personally believe is that everyone has their own definition of what life is .Like for some it is only money, for some it is just fun, for some the fame or Family, or Country or just their name, for some it might even mean simple happiness etc etc. For me whatever the definition of life is ,it's important for us to first define for ourselves what life is and then live accordingly be it for money,fame,name,fun,happiness or whatever it is. I'll now share with you what my definition of LIFE is.

To me life is not all abt money." I beleive that we are here in this world to live and for that money is important not here in dis world for money ". Money is just means to make ends meet, to me it can never be the end. To be happy in life one has to be very content doesn't mean that we shouldn't be competitive. As far as education goes there should be no level of contentment but apart from dis if one decides his level of contentment then he'll be happy always.

Life is not all about getting whatever we want ,it's not always that what we want we would get it. Bt should we stop our efforts of getting whatever we want ?? Should we stop giving , if we are not getting back what we deserve ?? We always try to achieve our desires but, To me life is not all about getting what ever we want it's all about giving and never expecting anything back in return.

Life should never be just limited to ourself. For me it's beyond thinking about self .We get only one life and if we spend that life just thinking about ourself then have we lived our life or just spent our life ???? A tough question to answer but think it over and you will get the answer. Trust me if we start living without thinking about ourselves then we will always get more than what we would have got jus living for ourselves.

My Life is all about PARENTS,SISTER, TEACHERS, RELATIVES and FRIEND's. To me i would never have been here in this world without my PARENTS. My parents and ma SISTER are the one's whom i value the most they are the reason for ma existence and for the way life is now. They are the one's always standing by ma side no matter what .I would never had been guided properly widout my TEACHERS. I'm blessed to be a part of a very big family wid lot's of relatives and cousin's.I would have always been alone in widout FRIEND'S. Friend's mean a lot to me in LIFE.I value them a lot. They all are an integral part of my life. Life means nothing widout them. "We came ALONE we have to go ALONE bt whats the worst is if the transition from BIRTH to DEATH is also alone".I'm blessed wid wonderful parents, a sister,teacher's and friend's. Thank you all for ur presence in ma life, widout you i would just had been a name widout a soul.

Life to me is an inevitable "CHANGE". Never thought that i will have to come to chennai after 22 years of ma life in Delhi. A very unpredictable change. Everything changed from my place,office,friend's, way of life basically everything. Neva expected such a drastic change in life ever. I now strongly beleive in the quote, " The only thing thats PERMANENT in life is a CHANGE". So learnt to accept the reality now. This made me write the caption in orkut " If one cannot change a fact one has to accept it and live with it ”. Life is all about learning from the Past,living in the Present and planning for the Future.

For me Life is all about " HUMOUR". I beleive that HUMOUR should start from urself. The best HUMOUR is wen it's based on urself. So i don't even spare my self wen it comes to pulling leg. My father is best in dis business so kind of inherited dis art of Humour from him.

The MANTRA of LIFE for me is "ALWAYS KEEP SMILING". I strongly beleive in dis and i use this words very frequently in life. To me my smiling attitude towards life in any situation is ma biggest saviour. I always tend to look at the humorous part of tough times.It really helps in a big way for me atleast.

There is never a definition of LIFE that can be laid down in papers. Jus that everyone has defined life in their own way be it Money,Fame,Name,Country,Happiness,Parents,Friend's etc etc. Whatever the definition of LIFE is to me whats important is LIVING LIFE not PASSING LIFE. LIFE has to be LIVED not just spent. A very good line on Life as quoted by someone " The purpose of life is life itself". I will conclude by saying "LIVE LIFE". ALWAYS KEEP SMILING. "LOVE LIFE".

Prasad R


  1. hey its good!i accept and i go with you for the thought "LIVE LIFE". cheers

  2. "To me life is not all about getting what ever we want it's all about giving and never expecting anything back in return."
    "contentment" is was most of them lacks!

  3. Ya very true we as humans lacks contentment.To me we can only be happy once we have set ourselves a level of contentment except for education as i have laid down in my blog.

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  5. @ Riyuuuu will take wt u said as a compliment ...:D:D