Monday, December 27, 2010

Life Goes on ....!! Keep Smiling ....!!

Life Goes on ……!! Keep Smiling ….!!

What starts has to end, every situation one has to defend,

Nothing is permanent, life means a constant change, to be smiling always should be the trend,

After everyfall there will be a rise one has to be hopeful coz its not the end,

Open ur arms wide to everyone u meet coz anyone may turn out to be ur friend,

Neva expect and be happy always its good not to depend,

Be good be kind all evil thoughts one needs to amend,

Be true to urself be answerable to self that will ensure that u never offend,

Smile to a child,smile to an elder coz u never know how much happiness u extend,

Don’t jus live ur life be happy every second u spend,

Life is beautiful make it memorable every moment u spend keep it penned,

Don’t think u have nothing coz u have a shoulder to offer, a smile to share an ear to lend,

Life Goes on after dusk there is dawn be hopeful be smiling after all everyone here is godsent .

Always Keep Smiling
Prasad R

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