Tuesday, June 7, 2011


When everything in life seemed to be moving on a pattern,

There comes an unexpected turn , it seems the entire world has spun,

How is life going to unfold now is the concern ,

The events that looked obvious had to be adjourned ,

It was the time to look back at the sequence of events in order to relearn,

The change has to be appreciated and accepted coz its not the appropriate time to be stubborn,

When life was struggling to take a u-turn ,

There comes an opportunity and here comes a little smile that enlightens,

There was a hope ,a trust ,that there is someone behind guiding in the dark as a lantern,

After all in the walk of life life every human is just an intern,

All we have to do in the journey of life is to enjoy as no matter what life goes on ,

In life nothing can be taken for granted as we never know when life takes an unexpected turn .....!!


Prasad R

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